Embracing AI as a Foundational Element of Teladoc Health's Business

– Teladoc Health utilizes over 60 AI models daily to enhance products and experiences for its members.

– The company leverages AI for optimizing appointment scheduling and connecting members with quality physicians promptly.

– Personalized insights are delivered to empower members to take proactive actions for their health.

– Treating AI as a foundational element requires integrating intelligent propensity models to improve operations continuously.

– Teladoc Health organizes the seminar series "Innovation via AI" to foster understanding of AI intricacies.

– Dr. Casey King, an AI expert, discussed the evolution of AI and the significance of human-machine intelligence collaboration.

– AI should be regarded as a copilot in clinical settings rather than being in control.

– The combination of human and machine intelligence amplifies the impact of AI.

– Job roles are evolving due to technological innovation, offering new possibilities to those embracing it.

– Discussions were sparked on how to bring an evidence-based medicine framework to AI models and determine acceptable accuracy levels to support patients.

– Educating and discussing AI-related topics with employees is an ongoing process at Teladoc Health.

– Future sessionswill explore implementing AI in healthcare, advancements in generative AI, prompt engineering, responsible AI, and more.