ElevenLabs' AI Voice Generator Can Now Fake Your Voice in 30 Language

– ElevenLabs, a company known for creating realistic visual deepfakes, has expanded its capabilities to include voice cloning.

– The new voice cloning feature supports 22 additional languages, including Ukrainian, Korean, Swedish, Arabic, and more.

– The Multilingual v2 model by ElevenLabs can generate emotionally rich audio in a total of 30 languages.

– The company offers two AI voice tools: a text-to-speech model and "VoiceLab," allowing users to clone voices by inputting speech fragments.

– With the v2 model, users can generate voices speaking languages like Greek, Malay, and Turkish.

– The service was launched on the company's website and allows users to type text in the desired language to hear the translated voice.

– The voice cloning works with voices created by the company or users, ensuring authenticity.

– Accented voices strive to sound naturalistic, with occasional pauses between sentences and quotes.