EchoNous Raises $7M for AI-Powered Portable Ultrasound System

– EchoNous, a startup based in Redmond, Washington, has raised $7 million in funding for its AI-powered portable ultrasound device.

– The funding was disclosed in a SEC filing and confirmed by a company spokesperson.

– The company's flagship product is called Kosmos, an AI-guided point-of-care ultrasound system that can image the heart and other parts of the body.

– Kosmos is known for providing diagnostic-quality images that are comparable to bulkier and more expensive devices.

– The device utilizes deep learning algorithms to assist operators in image collection, labeling, and automatic calculation of key measurements like the heart's ejection fraction.

– Kosmos received high ratings for overall image quality in an independent study comparing five different handheld ultrasound devices.

– In June, EchoNous announced a partnership with remote healthcare company 19Labs to integrate its virtual health platform with the Kosmos system, aiming to improve care in underserved communities and enhance ultrasound education.

– The funding was provided by Kennedy Lewis, the principal investor of EchoNous.

– This funding round adds to the previous funding of $57 million in September 2022 and $60 million in September 2021.

– EchoNous has been receiving significant attention in GeekWire's startup coverage.