Dozens of tenants sue landlord of Flatbush, Brooklyn building

– Flatbush resident Natalia Marquez experienced a persistent infestation of cockroaches in her bedroom due to a leak from an open pipe, which caused a hole in the floor, allowing the bugs to enter her room.

– The Caton Avenue building has 284 open violations, as reported by the NYC Housing Preservation and Development Department website, indicating numerous problems in the building.

– 26 tenants, including Natalia Marquez, have filed a housing part action against their landlord to compel them to address the various issues in their apartments.

– Take Root Justice, a non-profit legal organization, is representing the tenants in their lawsuit, seeking a court order for the necessary repairs, which include fixing leaks, mold, falling plaster, and lead paint problems.

– Another tenant, Veronica Campbell, shared her experiences of ceiling collapses in her bathroom and mold issues due to leaks from the ceiling.

– The super of the building claimed that all repairs had been made, while the landlord's lawyer refrained from commenting on the ongoing litigation.

26 tenants residing in a building in Flatbush, Brooklyn, are suing their landlord due to multiple issues

including roaches, leaks, mold, and other repairs needed in their apartments.