🚨 Diddy Faces Shocking Accusations: Cassie Lawsuit Unveils Disturbing Allegation

– Cassie sues Sean 'Diddy' Combs for physical abuse, sexual slavery, and rape.

– Allegations include forced participation in explicit acts with male prostitutes.

– Lawsuit filed in Manhattan federal court detailing a 10-year abusive relationship.

– Combs accused of controlling Cassie through intimidation, drugs, and alcohol.

– Rape allegation surfaces in 2018 when Cassie considered leaving Combs.

– Combs denies claims, labels the lawsuit as "baseless" and "outrageous lies."

– Cassie's lawyer alleges failed blackmail attempt for $30 million settlement.

– Combs, influential hip-hop figure, founded Bad Boy Records, earning $130 million.

– Lawsuit portrays Combs as erratic, violent, controlling throughout their relationship.

– Ventura seeks justice, citing violations of sex trafficking and human trafficking laws.