Dear Superintendents, Get Ready For the AI Guidance Revolution

Dear Superintendents, Get Ready For the AI Guidance Revolution

– Superintendents are turning to expert AI-powered college and career counselors to improve post-secondary guidance.

– AI counselors provide 24/7, 1-1 guidance to students and parents via mobile phones, including multilingual support.

– AI counselors like Ivy can proactively engage with students and offer nuanced guidance.

– The deployment of AI counselors allows human counselors to focus on high-impact in-person interventions.

– District leaders are adopting AI to increase guidance capacity by significant margins.

– Traditional counseling faces challenges due to increased social and emotional intervention needs and counselor burnout.

– Students desire more college and career guidance than currently provided by counselors.

– AI counseling bridges the guidance gap and supports specialized domains, benefiting diverse students.

– Purpose-built AI counselors, like Ivy, integrate into the school ecosystem, offering personalized and context-specific guidance.

– AI tools aid counselors in tasks such as recommendation letters, student communication, and intervention identification.

– Purpose-built tools provide better safety features and enable districts to proactively deploy AI.

– AI counseling convenience is appreciated by students and parents, providing guidance outside school hours and in preferred languages.

– AI counselors improve over time and aid counselors while extending their impact.

– AI guidance is becoming a crucial resource for navigating major life challenges.