Cybersecurity with Google's Duet AI: Unleash Unstoppable Protection

– Google debuted Duet AI at its annual conference, Google Next, to bolster cybersecurity in its cloud and security offerings.

– Sunil Potti, VP and GM of Google Cloud Security, aims to tackle the increasing threat landscape, security team workload, and talent shortages using AI.

Duet AI offers assistance in various areas, including writing, spreadsheet improvements, and note-taking, 

– while focusing on code development, natural language processing, and business application development in the cloud.

– Duet AI has been integrated into Mandiant Threat Intelligence, providing threat data compilation and aiding security teams in making informed decisions.

In Chronicle Security Operations, Duet AI streamlines threat detection, generates summaries, 

– and enhances natural language search, improving cyber defense effectiveness.

– Duet AI is also integrated into Google Cloud's Security Command Center for near-instant security issue analysis, reducing the workload associated with threat analysis.

– Google added Tenable's agentless vulnerability scanning to enhance the security solution.

– Duet AI's inclusion in Mandiant Hunt for Chronicle aims to proactively search for undetected attacks and close the skills gap in cybersecurity.

– Google Next is Google's annual conference featuring key sessions on cloud technology, DevOps, AI, machine learning, and more, with prominent speakers.