Country singer Zach Bryan interfered with traffic stop on security guard, documents show

– Country singer Zach Bryan was involved in a traffic stop concerning his security guard's speeding in Oklahoma.

– Bryan was arrested and handcuffed during the incident.

– He made statements indicating his willingness to go to jail and criticized the police officers' behavior.

– Dashcam video footage of the encounter was released by the Highway Patrol.

– Bryan apologized for his actions in a video posted on the social media platform X.

– He mentioned a prior encounter with the police three days earlier, where he was pulled over for speeding.

– Bryan explained that he got "too lippy" with the trooper during the traffic stop.

– The trooper and Bryan had a verbal exchange in the dashcam video, with the trooper accusing Bryan of having a bad attitude.

– Bryan acknowledged his immaturity and apologized to the trooper and another officer in his video on X.

– After his arrest, Zach Bryan was booked in the Craig County jail and released on a $1,000 bond.