Corporate Communicators: Take AI Away From IT

– The article discusses the management of generative AI and the struggle to determine who should be responsible for it.

– The author argues that corporate communications teams should be in charge of managing AI, rather than IT departments.

– The author believes that AI is not just software and that its potential is best understood by those who engage with it as a productivity tool.

– Communicators and creators are the ones who will benefit the most from generative AI, and they should take responsibility for its implementation and socialization within organizations.

– The author acknowledges that there are negative perceptions surrounding AI, which are influenced by Google, governments, academicians, law firms, and public relations agencies.

– The author suggests that corporate communicators should become experts in AI and learn about its truth and power to effectively manage its use within their organizations.

– Setting policies that ensure accuracy, confidentiality, transparency, and objectivity is crucial in managing AI effectively.

– Learning best practices from credible and experienced thought leaders in AI is recommended for corporate communicators.

– Socializing the effective use of AI within the organization and sharing knowledge, policies, and best practices is essential for maximizing its value.

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