Cohere Unleashes Game-Changing Chatbot API with RAG Technology

Cohere, a leading AI startup, releases a groundbreaking chatbot API with RAG technology 

This API enables developers to build robust conversational AI solutions using Cohere's proprietary LLM, Command 

Cohere's Chat API simplifies the creation of knowledge assistants and customer support systems 

The company also offers APIs for content generation (Generate) and text summarization 

Cohere's Coral Showcase allows users to test its chatbot, and developers canintegrate it into their apps 

In testing, the Coral chatbot demonstrated accuracy and coherence, though response times were slightly slower 

RAG technology enhances AI responses by incorporating information from various data sources 

Cohere's Chat API supports web search and plain text documents as additional information sources 

Cohere plans to expand its modular ecosystem, offering more features for developers 

This announcement follows OpenAI's reintroduction of web browsing capabilities for ChatGPT, reflecting the competitive AI landscape