China's Explosive AI Revolution Over 70 Billion-Parameter Model

– China has released more than 70 large AI language models, each with over 1 billion parameters.

– Baidu CEO Robin Li announced the release of large AI language models, including the improved AI chatbot, Ernie 3.5.

– China's 360 Security Technology and iFlytek have also released their AI models.

– Unlike other countries, China mandates security assessments and clearance before AI products can be used by the public.

– Chinese authorities are actively supporting AI development to compete with the United States.

– Chinese tech giants, including Alibaba and Huawei, have filed 110 deepfake technology-related applications.

– The Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) is overseeing the approval process for deepfake technology applications.

– The surge in interest from Chinese firms in deepfake technology reflects the manipulation of visual, audio, and other data.