ChatGPT Custom Instructions The new feature called "Custom Instructions" in ChatGPT, when utilized by asking GPT-4 to generate a response

– Cobus Greyling, the Chief Evangelist @ HumanFirst, discusses the "Custom Instructions" feature in ChatGPT.

– Custom Instructions improve the output of the generative model considerably, and it is currently in Beta, available to ChatGPT Plus users.

– The feature allows users to introduce a level of customization by providing specific instructions for each generative instance of the language model.

– Injecting the prompt with contextual data and instructing the model to react in a custom manner results in output that closely matches the desired response.

– While ChatGPT has advantages in formatting and user interface, the same level of customization can be achieved through prompt engineering.

– The Custom Instructions feature moves towards providing more personalized responses for each user, allowing OpenAI to build user profiles based on this information.

– how ChatGPT's advantage in text formatting enhances data readability.

– Cobus Greyling is associated with HumanFirst, which offers data-centric tooling for Natural Language Understanding (NLU) designers.

– Custom instructions are being rolled out to give users more control over how ChatGPT responds to their queries.