chatbot bans: Colleges seek to 'ChatGPT-proof' assignment

– ChatGPT and other AI chatbots have become popular tools for cheating in colleges, prompting educators to find ways to prevent cheating while still utilizing technology in education.

– Some instructors are returning to paper exams and requiring students to show editing history and drafts to prove their thought process, while others are emphasizing personalized assignments to discourage cheating.

– Questions are raised about the reliability of AI detectors for plagiarism, with concerns about false accusations and inaccuracies in identifying chatbot-generated text.

– Educators are facing the challenge of distinguishing between legitimate use of AI assistance and dishonest use in student assignments.

– Chegg Inc., an online homework help platform, experienced a significant decline in shares due to increased student usage of ChatGPT for free, impacting students' study habits and reliance on AI.

– Concerns are raised about chatbots potentially leading students to skip important steps, and educators are focusing on developing assignments that require critical thinking and understanding.

– College administrators are encouraging clear communication of ground rules for AI usage in the classroom, and some institutions are leaving the decision to use chatbots up to individual instructors.

– Educators are exploring new ways to assess students' knowledge and understanding, such as asking questions that require error identification rather than simple factual answers.

– Students express confusion about when it's acceptable to use AI assistance and when it constitutes cheating, and some are taking extra steps to avoid false accusations.

– The use of chatbots has influenced study habits and students' approach to seeking information, leading to concerns about potential misinformation and shortcuts.

– The impact of chatbots on education and cheating is prompting changes in teaching methods and assessment approaches, with some educators emphasizing the return to traditional paper-based exams and assignments.