California town's residents told to boil water for 10th straight day due to E. coli outbreak

– Burney, a town in Northern California, is experiencing an E. coli outbreak in its water supply.

– The boil water advisory has been in effect for ten consecutive days, starting from July 12, due to the presence of E. coli in the drinking water.

– Residents of Burney are urged to use boiled tap water or bottled drinking water for drinking and cooking during this period.

– The Burney Water District is taking measures to address the issue, including using chlorine to disinfect the water system and flushing the chlorine from the system on specific days.

– Testing for E. coli and total coliform bacteria is being conducted to monitor the water's safety and determine when to lift the boil water advisory.

– E. coli infection symptoms can include severe stomach cramps, diarrhea (sometimes bloody), vomiting, and occasionally a mild fever, with most people recovering within five to seven days.

– The situation is being closely monitored, but the specific time for lifting the boil water notice is currently unknown.

– Burney, known for its popularity as a tourist town in Northern California, is also famous for the renowned Burney Falls.

– The water district is actively working to resolve the issue and ensure the safety of its residents' water supply.