๐Ÿค– "Big Tech Dominance Threatens AI's Future" ๐Ÿš€

โ€“ AI startups rely on Microsoft, Amazon, Google for training and deployment.

โ€“ Large tech firms shape AI research, control infrastructure, and set agendas.

โ€“ OpenAI-Microsoft saga highlights Big Tech's influence over AI trajectory.

โ€“ Concentrated power in tech poses risks to democracy, culture, and security.

โ€“ Few alternatives for building industry-independent AI; open source has limitations.

โ€“ Microsoft, Amazon assert dominance through investments, strategic moves.

โ€“ Regulation needed for transparency, liability, and business separation in AI.

โ€“ Tech giants aggressively lobby to protect dominance amid emerging regulations.

โ€“ Call for robust accountability regime prioritizing public interests over profits.

โ€“ Government policies influenced by a narrow group may hinder progress.