Biden's AI-Generated Draft Video Debunked | Fact Check

The video claiming Biden announced a draft is a fabricated AI creation 

The Selective Service System confirmed there's no discussion about reinstating the draft 

Biden lacks the power to unilaterally call for a draft; Congress authorization is required 

A national emergency and congressional approval are prerequisites for a draft 

There has been no discussion regarding the draft's reinstatement with other agencies 

The video wrongly suggests daughters could be drafted; the law currently only mandates registration for men 

The U.S. hasn't drafted soldiers since 1973, and there's no mention of specific conflicts in the video 

The video appears to respond to the Israel-Hamas conflict 

Social media users who shared the video didn't respond, and PolitiFact also debunked the claim 

Sources for fact-checking include the Selective Service System and The Post Millennial