Biden lawyers ask Supreme Court to maintain access for abortion pill mifepristone

– President Joe Biden's administration has appealed to the Supreme Court regarding the legal dispute over the abortion pill mifepristone.

A federal appeals court in Louisiana had previously limited access to mifepristone, 

– claiming that the FDA had exceeded its authority by facilitating easier access to the drug, including mail prescriptions.

– The appeal aims to overturn this decision, highlighting the rarity of serious adverse events when mifepristone is used as per approved conditions.

The 5th Circuit's decision also blocked certain FDA actions related to the drug, 

– such as dispensing it through the mail and allowing pharmacists to prescribe it.

Critics argued that federal courts rarely intervene in FDA drug approval decisions 

– despite widespread claims that mifepristone is safer than common drugs like Tylenol and Viagra.

The case has been to the Supreme Court previously on an emergency docket, 

– temporarily allowing full access to mifepristone until lower court proceedings are completed.

The trial in New York attorney general's $250 million lawsuit against former President Donald Trump 

against former President Donald Trump is expected to last almost three months, 

– but Trump is not required to attend the civil trial.