Auburn University at Montgomery's new AI lab attracts attention from major tech companie

– Auburn University at Montgomery (AUM) has established a new AI lab, which aims to explore the potential of artificial intelligence in various fields.

– AUM AI lab director Jim Locke emphasizes that AI can process vast amounts of data without the limitations of human cognition, making it a valuable tool for research and problem-solving.

– The lab has received support from major tech companies like Nvidia and Microsoft, who are interested in how the institution is utilizing AI in its education and research.

– AUM's business school offers the first AI class in the state, focusing on preparing managers and leaders to make informed decisions about AI usage and implementation in various sectors.

– While AI capabilities have been of interest for decades, the last two years have seen rapid development and adoption, leading to widespread use in various applications like generated photos and convincing essays.

– AUM's AI lab is set to fill the organizational and leadership void in the AI field, providing practical education and research opportunities for students and professionals.

Auburn University at Montgomery's new AI lab has garnered attention from major tech companies like Nvidia and Microsoft due to its focus on practical implementation of AI in business education.