As actors and writers push back on automation, Hollywood is in the midst of an AI hiring boom

– Hollywood is amidst an AI hiring boom, driven by the desire to lower production costs and increase efficiency.

– Major unions like the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA are on strike protesting low streaming pay and the rise of automation, but companies are still hiring for AI-related roles.

– Netflix, Disney Branded Television, Sony, Amazon Prime Video, and CBS are among the companies seeking AI expertise for various positions, such as product managers and software engineers.

– Startups have emerged to leverage AI for tasks like modifying actors' dialogue, making stunt work safer, and "reanimating" deceased actors.

– The film and television industry's embrace of AI raises concerns about AI ethics and the use of AI-generated content.

– Hollywood has been hiring for AI positions even before the strikes, and the trend has grown since the labor actions began.

– Some roles focus on fine-tuning AI systems for content creation and design, indicating a growing demand for AI capabilities in the industry.

– The push for AI adoption could be motivated by a fear of being left behind and a desire for efficiency gains in the long run.

– Industry insiders worry about the ubiquity of AI tools and cloning technology, which raises ethical and legal questions.

– Despite the current strikes and union concerns, Hollywood remains committed to exploring AI applications in content creation and beyond.