Apple wants AI to run directly on its hardware instead of in the cloud

iPhone maker wants to catch up to its rivals when it comes to AI.

Apple’s latest research about running large language models on smartphones

clearest signal yet that the iPhone maker plans to catch up

with its Silicon Valley rivals in generative artificial intelligence.

Its approach “paves the way for effective inference of LLMs on devices with limited memory,” they said.

Inference refers to how large language models

the large data repositories that power apps like ChatGPT, respond to users’ queries.

Chatbots and LLMs normally run in vast data centers with much greater computing power than an iPhone.

The paper was published on December 12 but caught wider attention after Hugging Face

a popular site for AI researchers to showcase their work, highlighted it late on Wednesday.

It is the second Apple paper on generative AI this month and follows earlier moves to enable image-generating models

such as Stable Diffusion to run on its custom chips.