Apple is testing an AI chatbot

– Apple is working on its own AI chatbot, dubbed "Apple GPT," as per a report from Bloomberg. However, there are no definitive plans yet for its public launch.

– The chatbot is built on an in-house LLM (Large Language Model) framework known as "Ajax," running on Google Cloud and leveraging Google JAX, a machine learning research acceleration framework.

– Multiple teams within Apple are involved in the project, and they are also addressing potential privacy concerns related to the chatbot.

– While other tech giants like Meta, Microsoft, and Google have been actively releasing their generative AI products to businesses and the public, Apple has been relatively reserved in this space.

– Internally, engineers have been using the Ajax-powered chatbot, even though Apple prohibits the use of ChatGPT.

– Apple's most well-known AI system is Siri, but it has faced criticism for its limitations, leading the company to focus on bolstering its AI efforts.

– To strengthen its AI capabilities, Apple hired John Giannandrea, a former Google AI and search head, in 2018, who is now leading Apple's AI initiative along with Craig Federighi, the senior vice president of software engineering.

– Apple's CEO, Tim Cook, has expressed that the company is closely evaluating AI technology, but he also acknowledged the need to address various issues related to AI products.

– Despite Apple's current plans beinguncertain in the AI space, sources indicate that the company is preparing for a significant AI-related announcement sometime in the future.