Apple Bans AI-Powered Threads Knockoff From the App Store

– Apple has removed an app called "Threads for Insta," which is an AI-powered content generator and not the official Threads app.

– The knockoff app became one of the most downloaded apps on the App Store in countries like Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, France, Spain, and the Netherlands.

– Meta's actual version of Threads is not yet available in the EU, which may have contributed to the popularity of the knockoff app among users in those countries.

– The app was created by SocialKit LTD, an Israel-based company that uses AI to generate posts. The specific nature of the generated posts and the platforms they are developed for are unclear.

– Apple has pulled all apps by SocialKit LTD and suspended the company from publishing on the App Store.

– Another dupe app called "Threads: AI Chatbot & Keyboard" was also spotted on the App Store, and a similar app titled "Threads by Instagram" was found on the Google Play store.

– Meta's Threads app, which is positioned as a Twitter killer, has gained over 100 million users since its release, accessible through Instagram.

– Meta aims to brand Threads as an apolitical "friendly place," but the rollout has faced issues, and deleting Threads requires deleting the entire Instagram account.

Apple has taken action against a knockoff app called "Threads for Insta," which mimicked Meta's Threads app.