Android 14: Customize Your Phone Like Never Before

– Android 14 now available for Pixel phones.

Google has introduced Android 14, offering AI-generated wallpapers

– and lock screen customization for Pixel 8 phones and all supported Pixel devices.

This update includes enhanced security features like deeper passkey support

– and privacy protections to combat data breaches.

– Android 14 brings various UI enhancements, customization options, and health updates.

Notably, the OS introduces customizable lock screens

– allowing users to switch between different clock styles and formats.

– Google is adding an AI-powered wallpaper generator, though it's exclusive to Pixel 8 and 8 Pro.

– Expanded passkey support enables fingerprint sign-in for third-party apps, simplifying the login process.

Other features include improved camera extension support

10-bit HDR image support, and Android's Health Connect feature, storing health and fitness data on-device.

The update is currently available on Pixel phones (4A 5G and up),

– with support from manufacturers like Samsung, Nothing, OnePlus, and more coming "later this year."