Albanese government yet to announce response to artificial intelligence safety inquiry ๐Ÿค–

โ€“ Australia one of 28 countries to sign Bletchley declaration on safe AI development

โ€“ Inquiry received 510 submissions on AI regulation but no response yet from government

โ€“ Industry minister would not say when legislation will be presented to parliament

โ€“ Expert says Australia "at back of the pack" on AI funding and regulation

โ€“ US executive order requires sharing of AI safety tests before release

โ€“ Inquiry looked at new laws needed to ensure safe AI development

โ€“ Submissions from tech giants like Meta, Google, Microsoft as well as other sector

โ€“ Chief scientist says declaration will have modest impact, US order more significant

โ€“ Researcher says Australia must choose between US or Bletchley approaches to AI

โ€“ Government says wants to build trust through regulation while realising benefit