๐Ÿ”ฅ "AI's Hidden Impact: Boosting Underperformers, Threatening Pros"

โ€“ AI primarily benefits low-performing employees, not high achievers.

โ€“ Productivity gains observed in creative writing, office memos, coding, etc.

โ€“ AI narrows the gap between low and high performers.

โ€“ White-collar workers with fewer skills benefit the most.

โ€“ AI could reverse income inequality in certain professions.

โ€“ GitHub Copilot aids novices more than expert programmers.

โ€“ AI may lead to a decline in salaries for highly paid professionals.

โ€“ The impact of AI on freelancers shows a decline in jobs.

โ€“ AI may commodify talents, lowering pay for top performers.

โ€“ Questions arise about the future of work and professional norms.