AI Side Hustle Sells for $150,000 in Month

โ€“ Sal Aiello and Monica Powers created a profitable AI side hustle for under $200.

โ€“ They used ChatGPT for market research and saw potential in their idea.

โ€“ DimeADozen helps entrepreneurs test business ideas with AI-generated reports.

โ€“ The service charges $39 for comprehensive reports, saving time compared to traditional methods.

โ€“ In seven months, DimeADozen earned over $66,000, with minimal expenses.

โ€“ They sold the side hustle for $150,000 to a husband-and-wife team.

โ€“ The founders will continue as company advisors, dedicating five hours per week.

โ€“ DimeADozen stands out as the first AI tool designed for business idea testing.

โ€“ It offers quick and reliable results compared to manual Google searches.

โ€“ The founders aim for DimeADozen to become a ubiquitous business validation tool.