AI-powered travel assistant touted as most powerful ever

– Mondee, a travel technology company, has introduced a new AI-powered travel assistant named Abhi.

– The company claims that Abhi is the most powerful AI travel planning assistant in the industry.

– Abhi's capabilities include engaging in meaningful conversations, understanding complex queries, and offering comprehensive responses.

– It combines various AI technologies, such as generative AI, deep learning, computer vision, and a recommendation engine.

– The AI assistant was created using multiple AI engines, including ChatGPT from OpenAI, Google's Bard, and IBM's Watson.

– Mondee introduced Abhi on the one-year anniversary of the firm going public on Nasdaq.

– Abhi can generate fully bookable travel itineraries within the Mondee Marketplace, making the planning process revolutionary.

– During a virtual launch event, Mondee's founder demonstrated Abhi's capabilities by asking for recommendations for a trendy beach club in Greece and a full itinerary for a five-day trip to Mykonos.

– Abhi is not limited to just providing recommendations; it can also connect travelers with local experts for real-time guidance and assistance.

– The AI travel assistant is available both through the Mondee app and online.

– Mondee emphasizes that Abhi is the first fully-integrated AI platform capable of not only chatting but also interacting and making actual bookings, as well as creating personalized day-by-day travel guides.

– The company's ecosystem, which includes data from 50 million daily searches and over 65,000 travel experts, enables Abhi to continuously evolve and improve its capabilities over time.

– Mondee's global network includes more than 500 airline partners, over 1 million hotels and rentals, and 50-plus cruise lines, making it a significant player in the travel industry.

– The AI-powered planning tool, Abhi, is integrated into Mondee's platform, used by travel agents and millions of travelers annually.

– Mondee specializes in coordinating group travel for organizations and offers travel content in about 20 languages.