AI Is Coming For Your Data: 6 Steps To Ensure Cyber Resilience

– AI and quantum technologies are becoming increasingly influential and could potentially lead to AI-driven cyberattacks.

– AI's learning capabilities enable cyberattacks such as phishing and personal attacks, deep-fake creation, and automated, scalable attacks.

– AI-powered malware, like Mylobot, can evade detection and manipulate data, making cyberattacks more potent and destructive.

– Advanced cryptography, empowered by AI, is essential to safeguard against AI and quantum threats.

Steps to ensure cyber resilience in an AI/quantum future:

1. Conduct a cryptographic assessment to identify vulnerable cryptographic schemes.

2. Embrace cryptographic agility to quickly adapt to breaches and changing threats.

3. Consider new technologies, including post-quantum cryptography (PQC), resistant to quantum and AI-based attacks.

4. Secure the entire network, including edge devices, servers, and cloud infrastructure.

5. Utilize AI or machine learning for dynamic security policy management.

6 Employ AI for cryptanalysis to identify weaknesses in cryptographic algorithms.

– The convergence of AI and quantum technologies requires immediate action to safeguard data and networks.