AI Horror: Gaza's Deepfake Babies Shock the World!

– 😱 "Fake Babies, Real Horror" explores AI-created deepfake infant images.

– 🚨 Deepfakes from Gaza war spark fears of AI misinformation power.

– πŸ€– Artificial intelligence used to generate chilling and misleading content.

– 🏠 Gaza war images feature bombed homes and AI-generated gruesome scenes.

– πŸ“ˆ Millions of online views amplify the impact of these deepfake images.

– πŸ‘€ Clues in deepfakes include oddly curled fingers and unnatural eyes.

– 🌐 Widespread circulation of deepfakes raises concerns about misinformation.

– 🀯 Shocking images prompt discussions on the ethical use of AI.

– 🌐 Online platforms struggle to detect and control the spread of deepfakes.

– 🌐 The power of AI to manipulate visuals fuels anxieties about misinformation.