AI-Generated Images of a 'Typical' Home in All 50 States, Top Cities

– One home improvement company, All Star Home, commissioned an AI generator to create images of a "typical home" in each of the 50 states and 30 major cities.

– The AI generator used for the project was Midjourney, and it produced four images per prompt.

– All Star Home selected one image per state or city based on realism and minimal clutter.

– The company also gathered the median home value for each location to give an idea of potential costs.

– The generated images generally depicted spacious homes with two stories, large landscaped yards, and idealistic characteristics.

– Glitches were occasionally observed in the results, such as bushes on the roof or dimensions that didn't match the front of the home.

– The AI often added cars to the images, including those parked in front yards and cars that would be several decades old in 2023.

– The website article includes a list of the 10 most populated U.S. cities and their corresponding "typical home" generated by AI.

– The 10 cities mentioned are New York, Chicago, San Antonio, Dallas, Houston, Phoenix, San Jose, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, and San Diego.