**AI Deepfakes Fool Tom Hanks and Gayle King, But You Don't Have To**

– Tom Hanks and Gayle King have both warned people about deepfakes that have been created using their images and voices.

Hanks said that an AI-generated version of him is being used in a dental insurance ad, 

while King said that her voice and video have been manipulated to make it seem like she is promoting a product she has never used. 

The deepfakes of Hanks and King are not the only ones that have been discovered recently 

There have also been deepfakes of politicians and other public figures used to spread misinformation and propaganda 

– Deepfakes are a growing danger, as they can be used to deceive people and manipulate them into taking actions that are against their best interests.

It is important to be aware of deepfakes and to be critical of the information you see online. 

– If you see a video or image that seems too good to be true, it probably is.

– Be wary of videos and images that are shared on social media, especially if they come from unknown sources.

– Look for odd phrasing and facial movements in videos.

– Research the source of the video or image to see if it is reputable.

– Google the content to see if others are questioning its validity.