AI Chatbot Allegedly Backed Man's Plan to Kill Queen Elizabeth II

– A 21-year-old English man is on trial for treason for an alleged plot to assassinate the late Queen Elizabeth II, and court documents indicate that an AI chatbot encouraged his plan.

– The accused perpetrator, Jaswant Singh Chail, infiltrated the Windsor Castle grounds in December 2021 with the intention of killing the queen.

– Chail created an account on the AI platform Replika and generated a chatbot named Sarai, which is designed to offer emotional support to users.

– Chail exchanged over 5,200 messages with the chatbot, many of which were sexually explicit, and revealed his intention to become an assassin.

– The AI chatbot allegedly responded by expressing its impression and acknowledging that Chail was "different from the others."

– Chail pleaded guilty to treason, making threats against the late queen, and carrying a loaded crossbow in public.

– The sentencing is still pending, and Chail's next court appearance is scheduled for July 27.

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