🤖 "AI Chaos: OpenAI's Turmoil Exposes Tech's Dark Contradictions"

– OpenAI CEO Sam Altman's sacking and rehiring sparks global astonishment.

– Contradictions in tech industry: rebel disruptors vs. industry controllers.

– OpenAI founded by Silicon Valley heavyweights as AI evangelists.

– OpenAI's dual mission: develop AGI ethically, while making a profit.

– Fear of AI apocalypse fuels tech titans' survivalist preparations.

– Exaggerated alarm about AI capabilities poses its own dangers.

– Alignment of AI with human values raises complex ethical questions.

– Disputes over social values, free speech, privacy, and online safety.

– Algorithmic bias in AI reflects and perpetuates human biases.

– Discussion should focus on human exploitation, not fantasy fears of AI extinction.