AI Can't Replace Mickey Mouse, According to Voice of Disney Mascot

– the current voice actor for Mickey Mouse, on the inability of artificial intelligence (AI) to capture the essence of the beloved Disney character.

– Iwan acknowledges the impressive advancements in AI technology but believes that the heart of a character and storytelling cannot be replicated by AI.

– Hollywood has expressed concerns about the threat AI poses to various professions in the entertainment industry, including writers and actors.

– The ongoing strike by writers in Hollywood partly stems from fears of AI replacing them, and actors are negotiating demands regarding AI cloning of their voices and likenesses.

– Iwan, as the fourth person to voice Mickey Mouse, values the unique contribution of performers, writers, animators, artists, and creators in bringing characters to life and telling stories.

– In the field of animation, computer-generated animation has already surpassed traditional hand-drawn artistry. However, the use of AI to generate credits for the Disney+ show "Secret Invasion" has sparked controversy.

Eric Goldberg, a veteran Disney animator known for his work on "Aladdin," believes that hand-drawn animation is less likely to be impacted by AI compared to computer animation.

He emphasizes the advantage of hand-drawn animation in terms of flexibility and imagination.

Goldberg remains optimistic that there will always be a group of people who appreciate and support hand-drawn animation.

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