๐Ÿ”ฅ Adobe's response to controversy over AI-generated Gaza explosion images.

โ€“ Adobe's AI-generated Gaza explosion images caused controversy.

โ€“ The images were used without being labeled as AI-generated.

โ€“ Adobe claims they labeled these images as generative AI content.

โ€“ Adobe emphasizes the importance of transparency for customers.

โ€“ Adobe is committed to fighting misinformation through Content Authenticity Initiative.

โ€“ Adobe Stock is known for creative imagery, not editorial or photojournalism.

โ€“ Adobe no longer offers editorial assets as part of its stock offering.

โ€“ Adobe focuses on storytelling possibilities with its stock imagery, including AI-generated content.

โ€“ Adobe Stock faced previous criticism over the use of generative AI.

โ€“ Contributors raised concerns about Adobe using their stock images to train its AI model without consent.