๐Ÿš€ Adobe Firefly Unleashes Realistic Image Generation

โ€“ Adobe upgrades its Firefly AI image creation service for more realistic human rendering.

โ€“ Firefly users have generated three billion images in just half a year.

โ€“ 90% of Firefly users are new to Adobe's products.

โ€“ Firefly is no longer a demo site; it's a full-fledged Creative Cloud service.

โ€“ The new model is trained on recent images and is significantly larger, improving quality.

โ€“ Larger model doesn't sacrifice speed, maintaining a similar user experience.

โ€“ New model to be available on Firefly web app and Creative Cloud apps.

โ€“ Focus on generative editing, enhancing existing workflows.

โ€“ New controls in Firefly app for depth of field, motion blur, and style matching.

โ€“ Introduction of auto-complete feature to aid image prompts.