Actor Tom Hanks warns of ad with AI imposter

– Tom Hanks and Gayle King caution against AI-generated imposter ads.

– Hanks disavows a dental plan promo video featuring an unauthorized AI version of himself.

– King shares a misleading video about her weight loss "secret" and denies any association.

– Ongoing Hollywood actors' strike concerns safeguards against AI replication of talent.

– Generative AI's capabilities, including deep fake creation, have raised concerns.

– Tech giants like Google, Meta, and Microsoft are racing to harness generative AI's potential.

– Hollywood actors' strike remains unresolved amid AI concerns.

– AI technology's misuse as a tool for misinformation and cybercrime is a growing concern.

– ChatGPT's spotlight in generating content from brief prompts is mentioned.

– Tom Hanks' Instagram post garners over 111,700 "likes."