'A superb dig': Archeologists uncover ruins believed to be Roman Emperor Nero's theater near Vatican

– Archaeologists have uncovered ruins believed to be Roman Emperor Nero's theater near the Vatican.

– The discovery was made during an archaeological excavation in the courtyard of the frescoed Palazzo della Rovere.

– Experts believe that the structures and decorations found on the site could be remains of Nero's theater.

– The site is believed to be the place where Nero rehearsed poetry and musical performances, as mentioned in Roman writings but never located until now.

Archaeologists have been working on the site since 2020 and have found parts of the hemicycle-shaped seating section,

– elegant columns in precious marbles, refined decorations in gold-leaf on stucco, and storage rooms for costumes and scenery.

– Other historical findings at the site include possible remains of the Horti di Agrippina, traces of production and pilgrimage activities from the medieval age, and artifacts from the 15th century.

Rare specimens of medieval glass goblets, cooking pots, coins, bits of musical instruments, bone combs, "tools" used to make rosary beads

– and small insignia of medieval Christian devotion worn on pilgrims' clothing were also found at the excavation site.

– Archaeologist Marzia Di Mento, in charge of the dig, mentioned that the findings will take years to study.

– Part of the building at the site is planned to become a Four Seasons hotel, expected to open in 2025.