Korean Robot Conducts Orchestra

– Last Friday, a robot named EveR 6 led an orchestra in a performance of Korean music at the National Theater of Korea.

– This was the first time ever in Korea that a robot conducted an orchestra, although robots have led orchestras in other countries.

– EveR 6 is a robot built by the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH) and stands about as tall as a person.

– It has a human-like face capable of displaying emotions and has joints in its neck, shoulders, elbows, and wrists, allowing for quick and smooth arm movements.

– EveR 6's movements are based on motions "captured" from real human conductors, but it does not possess advanced Artificial Intelligence and can't think on its own.

– The performance, titled "Absence," featured five different pieces of music, with EveR 6 conducting two pieces and Soo-Yeoul Choi, the conductor of the Busan Philharmonic Orchestra, conducting the other two.

– Both conductors collaborated on the final piece. – Mr. Choi was impressed by EveR 6's detailed movements and noted that the robot's greatest weakness is its inability to hear.

– The musicians followed EveR 6's beats during the performance, creating a situation where they had to communicate and sense each other to follow the precise beats.

– Mr. Choi believes that robots like EveR 6 could be helpful in practice sessions where repetitive tasks need to be performed, but he doesn't think they are likely to replace human conductors.