8 Proven Ways to Make Money on 𝕏: Unleashing Your Potential with Smart Ai

– 𝕏 is a platform for creators aiming to become online millionaires by monetizing their content.

The 8 ways are:

1. Subscriptions: Content creators can apply for monetization, set subscription pricing, and offer high-value content, personality, and attention to their subscribers.

2. Creator Payments: Earning ad revenue potential by having 𝕏Blue, which has doubled its ad revenue potential recently.

3. Digital Products: Creators can sell digital products like Notion templates, courses, and art to scale their earnings.

4. Micropayments: 𝕏 plansto introduce micropayments, allowing creators to gate their content for small payments.

5. Stickers: A fun way to monetize, especially for creators hosting spaces and livestreams.

6. Paid Newsletter: Monetization through exclusive and valuable content.

7. Affiliate Creator: Collaborating with brands and earning commissions by promoting products.

8. Β Services: Creators can offer coaching, ghostwriting, and marketing services to help others succeed.