8 Best Prompt Engineering Courses (Free & Paid)

– Course 1: ChatGPT Complete Guide: Covers AI prompts, ChatGPT, AI writing apps, and other AI tools, along with business, coding, and marketing aspects.

– Course 2: Learn Prompting: A comprehensive website offering free courses on AI, starting from the basics to advanced applications, and coming with a certification program.

– Course 3: ChatGPT Prompt Engineering for Developers: A course specifically designed for developers, teaching the basics of large language models and building applications on top of them using OpenAI's API.

– Course 4: ChatGPT Complete Course – Learn ChatGPT & Prompt Engineering: A course solely focused on ChatGPT, covering various areas such as communication, design, technology, and data management.

– Course 5: Prompt Engineering for ChatGPT: Hosted by Vanderbilt University, this free course delves into ChatGPT prompt patterns, including use cases like audiences, flipped, and recipes.

– Course 6: ChatGPT Prompt Engineering with 2100+ Prompts: A ChatGPT-specific course with various use cases, including productivity, personal growth, and life prompts, and it provides 2100+ prompts.

– Course 7: ChatGPT – The Complete Guide to ChatGPT & OpenAI APIs: This course covers ChatGPT and Midjourney prompt engineering, along with other AI tools like Google Bard and Microsoft Bing Chat.

– Course 8: How to Research and Write Using Generative AI Tools: A crash course on prompt engineering hosted on LinkedIn Learning, focusing on AI, research, and writing.