6 New Text-to-Video Generative AI Model

Here are six latest text-to-video AI models you could try out.

1. Sora -  ChatGPT creator OpenAI just showcased Sora,

2. Lumiere -  Google’s got this video generation AI called Lumiere

3. VideoPoet -  VideoPoet, is a large language model schooled on a colossal dataset of videos, images, audio, and text.

4. Emu Video -  Meta’s AI model involves two steps. First, it makes a picture from text. Then, it uses that text and image to create a top-notch video.

5. Phenaki -  The team behind Phenaki Video used Mask GIT to produce text-guided videos in PyTorch.

6. CogVideo -  A group of researchers from the University of Tsinghua in Beijing developed CogVideo