4 teens viciously beat girl in Brooklyn McDonald’s as crowd cheer

– A 15-year-old girl was violently beaten by four other teens inside a McDonald's in Flatbush, Brooklyn.

– The savage fight occurred near Erasmus Hall High School and was captured on cell phone video.

– The victim tried to defend herself but was outnumbered and repeatedly attacked by the group.

– The crowd of onlookers did not intervene to stop the assault and instead cheered on the attackers.

– The victim suffered two black eyes and head bruises as a result of the beating.

– Community activist Tony Herbert expressed outrage over the incident and condemned the act of recording such violence.

– The McDonald's owner, Paul Goodman, stated that the safety of employees and customers is a top priority and that the police were contacted immediately.

– Increased police presence was observed outside the McDonald's following the incident.

the disturbing incident of a 15-year-old girl being viciously beaten by four other teens inside a Brooklyn

inside a Brooklyn McDonald's while a crowd watched and cheered, with nobody stepping in to stop the attack.