4 steps leaders must take to make the most of AI and not get left behind, according to an MBA professor

– Leigh Thompson, a professor at Kellogg School of Management, advises leaders not to treat AI like a person but to recognize its value as a smarter, faster, and tireless team member in various contexts.

– The pandemic has pushed managers to become their best "virtual self" for negotiations and professional interactions, and now generative AI will redefine leadership and work across sectors.

– Leaders must consider how the growing presence of AI at work will influence their leadership behavior and communication style to continue performing effectively.

– By taking specific, proactive steps, people can significantly enhance their virtual communication intelligence, leading to better interactions with AI.

There is a link to a piece about leaders in history who were seen as tyrannical but were, in reality,

– benevolent and compassionate individuals. However, this is not directly related to the main topic of AI leadership.

To make the most of AI and avoid being left behind, leaders should embrace AI as a valuable team member,

adapt to its presence, and improve their virtual communication intelligence.