3 easy ways you can start using AI right now to make yourself more productive at work, according to an AI consultant

– A study showed that more than half of participants using AI for work experienced a 30% increase in productivity.

– Despite the potential benefits, there's still hesitancy in using large language models like ChatGPT.

– A Forrester Consulting study found that AI users at work reported a 31% increase in productivity.

– To help people ease into using generative AI, the author suggests three beginner-friendly ways.

GrammarlyGo: – A generative AI tool for editing and writing.

– Offers functions to improve, shorten, lengthen, or change the tone of text.

– The tool provides reliability for editing copy with the intended formality and tone.

– Different subscription plans available, with varying levels of features.

Slack: – Recommends two AI apps, DailyBot and Felix.

– DailyBot: AI-powered assistant for remote teams, facilitating various workflows and interactions.

– Felix: Corrects spelling, grammar errors, and adjusts message tone in channels.

Canva: – Canva released eight AI tools to aid in design.

– Magic Design stands out for non-designers, offering design combinations based on uploaded images.

– Helps streamline the creation of visuals for presentations and other content.