10 Explosive AI M&A Deals You Won't Believe Are on the Horizon

– AI acquisitions are becoming a global trend.

– Companies are strategizing to enhance their AI capabilities.

– Recent acquisitions by Databricks and Thomson Reuters set the stage.

– Speculation about potential blockbuster AI-related M&A deals.

– Microsoft's hypothetical acquisition of Hugging Face for open-source dominance.

– Meta's interest in acquiring Character.ai for a competitive edge.

– Snowflake considering the acquisition of Pinecone for vector database leadership.

– Nvidia's bold move to acquire CoreWeave and enter the cloud services arena.

– Intel's potential acquisition of Modular to challenge Nvidia's CUDA platform.

– Adobe eyeing Runway for AI-powered creative design tools.

– Amazon's investment in Anthropic could lead to a game-changing acquisition.

– Eli Lilly's interest in Inceptive for AI-driven drug development.

– Salesforce's possible acquisition of Gong to bolster its AI-focused CRM.

– Apple's move to acquire Inflection AI to revamp Siri with LLM expertise.