๐Ÿš€ 10 Best Programming Languages for AI and NLP

โ€“ Python: Widely used, adaptable, and supports multiple paradigms.

โ€“ Java: Known for performance, portability, and scalability in AI.

โ€“ C++: Speed, control, and efficiency for advanced AI operations.

โ€“ JavaScript: Flexible, interactive language suitable for web and mobile.

โ€“ Julia: Promising high-level language with performance and design.

โ€“ LISP: Early AI language with data structure manipulation capabilities.

โ€“ R: Interpreted language widely used in AI for data analysis.

โ€“ Ruby: High-level, expressive language perfect for AI applications.

โ€“ Swift: Contemporary language with security and speed for AI.

โ€“ Prolog: Specialized language with logic and inference features for AI.