10 AI tools that will blow your mind and supercharge you!

Descript: Descript is a software tool that converts text into audio.


D-ID: D-ID is a tool that can turn your image into realistic videos.


Voice.ai: Voice.ai allows you to change your voice to sound like any celebrity.


Video BG Remover: This tool helps you change the background of a video without using a green screen.

Video BG Remover

Adobe Podcast: Adobe Podcast is a tool that removes background noise from audio files, making them sound like they were recorded in a professional studio

Adobe Podcast

Chat GPT (Charge GPT): Chat GPT is an AI program that can generate scripts and respond to queries.

Chat GPT (Charge GPT)

Cleanup.Pictures: Cleanup.Pictures is a tool that allows you to remove unwanted objects from photos.


D-Anime: D-Anime is a software that offers various AI magic tools, including real-time video editing and collaboration.


Mid-Journey: Mid-Journey is a tool that can convert images into AI art.


Pictory.ai: Pictory.ai is a tool that converts text into high-quality videos.