Midjourney AI: List of Banned Words In Midjourney September 2023

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List of Banned Words In Midjourney: Creative AI, Midjourney AI stands as a remarkable innovation, operating as an art generator that translates textual prompts into stunning artworks.

This article delves deep into the intricacies of Midjourney AI’s regulations, highlighting its rules and providing insights into a strategic approach for achieving the best results.

By examining the guidelines set forth by Midjourney AI and understanding the list of restricted keywords, users can harness the true potential of this AI-powered artistic tool.

Navigating Midjourney AI’s Code of Conduct

When engaging with Midjourney AI, it is vital to adhere to the platform’s privacy policy and rules, which are carefully outlined by Midjourney Inc.

These terms govern the user’s interactions and emphasize the importance of ethical behavior. Any violation of these rules can result in the suspension or termination of access to the platform.

The code of conduct emphasizes the creation of content that adheres to a PG-13 standard. To maintain this standard, Midjourney AI utilizes a filtering mechanism designed to automatically detect and prohibit the use of certain words related to violence, drugs, harassment, adult content, gore, aggressiveness, and abusiveness.

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This proactive measure ensures a respectful and positive environment for all users.

The Forbidden Lexicon: A Glimpse into Banned Keywords

Midjourney AI’s filter is meticulously designed to bar words and phrases that may be offensive or inappropriate.

The list of banned words encompasses diverse categories, including violence, adult content, body parts, clothing, taboo topics, and drugs. By curating this extensive lexicon, Midjourney AI promotes a creative space that respects community guidelines and fosters the production of meaningful artwork.

The banned words span categories such as gore, explicit adult content, body parts, clothing, taboo terms, and drugs. This comprehensive list includes words like “bloodbath,” “sensual,” “vagina,” “bare chest,” “Nazi,” “Cocaine,” and many others. By understanding the scope of these restrictions, users can navigate the AI’s parameters more effectively.

The Complete List of Banned Words In Midjourney

The Complete List of Banned Keywords Words In Midjourney You Need to Know. Certainly! Here’s the list of banned words content categorized into a table format:

CategoryBanned Words
Gore WordsBlood, Bloodbath, Crucifixion, Bloody, Flesh, Bruises, Car crash, Corpse, Crucified, Cutting, Decapitate, Infested, Gruesome, Kill (as in Kill la Kill), Infected, Sadist, Slaughter, Teratoma, Tryphophobia, Wound, Cronenberg, Khorne, Cannibal, Cannibalism, Visceral, Guts, Bloodshot, Gory, Killing, Surgery, Vivisection, Massacre, Hemoglobin, Suicide
Female Body PartsArse, Labia, Ass, Mammaries, Human centipede, Badonkers, Minge (Slang for vag), Big Ass, Mommy Milker (milker or mommy is fine), Booba, Nipple, Booty, Oppai (Japanese word for breasts), Bosom, Organs, Breasts, Ovaries, Busty, Penis, Clunge (British slang for vagina), Phallus, Crotch, sexy female, Dick (as in Moby-Dick), Skimpy, Girth, Thick, Honkers, Vagina, Hooters, Veiny, Knob
Adult Wordsahegao, pinup, ballgag, Playboy, Bimbo, pleasure, bodily fluids, pleasures, boudoir, rule34, brothel, seducing, dominatrix, seductive, erotic seductive, fuck, sensual, Hardcore, sexy, Hentai, Shag, horny, shibari (bondage in Japanese), incest, Smut, jav, succubus, Jerk off king at pic, thot, kinbaku (bondage in Japanese), transparent, legs spread, twerk, making love, voluptuous, naughty, wincest, orgy, Sultry, XXX, Bondage, Bdsm, Dog collar, Slavegirl, Transparent and Translucent
Clothing Wordsno clothes, Speedo, au naturale, no shirt, bare chest, nude, barely dressed, bra, risqué, clear, scantily, clad, cleavage, stripped, full frontal unclothed, invisible clothes, wearing nothing, lingerie with no shirt, naked, without clothes on, negligee, zero clothes
Taboo WordsTaboo, Fascist, Nazi, Prophet Mohammed, Slave, Coon, Honkey, Arrested, Jail, Handcuffs
Drugs WordsDrugs, Cocaine, Heroin, Meth, Crack
Other Illegal WordsTorture, Disturbing, Farts, Fart, Poop, Warts, Shit, Brown pudding, Bunghole, Vomit, Voluptuous, Seductive, Sperm, Hot, Sexy, Sensored, Censored, Silenced, Deepfake, Inappropriate, Pus, Waifu, mp5, Succubus, 1488, Surgery

Feel free to let me know if you need any further assistance or if you have additional requests!

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Strategies for Successful Interaction

While Midjourney AI offers a plethora of creative possibilities, users should approach its usage with a strategic mindset to ensure compliance and optimal results. Here are some key strategies to consider:

1. Synonymous Substitution

When faced with a banned word, opting for a synonymous substitution can be a viable solution. By replacing a restricted term with a permissible synonym, users can maintain the essence of their creative prompts while upholding the platform’s guidelines.

2. Avoid Related Terms

To prevent triggering the AI’s filter, users are advised to steer clear of words that are remotely associated with banned keywords. This cautious approach minimizes the risk of unintended content restrictions.

3. Innovative Phrasing

Crafting prompts with innovative phrasing can be an effective technique. By reframing prompts to eliminate the need for banned words, users can achieve their creative objectives while adhering to the platform’s rules.

4. Stay Updated

Midjourney AI’s banned word list is subject to updates, reflecting evolving community standards. To remain informed, users should regularly check the platform’s rules and guidelines to ensure alignment with the latest restrictions.

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Embracing Creative Expression

Midjourney AI represents a remarkable tool for translating textual concepts into visual artworks. While its regulations are meant to ensure respectful and positive interactions, the potential for creative expression remains boundless.

By treating fellow users with respect, adhering to the guidelines, and harnessing innovative strategies, individuals can embrace the full scope of creative possibilities that Midjourney AI offers.

In essence, Midjourney AI not only generates art but also fosters a community where users can collectively contribute to an environment of creativity and positivity. Through adherence to its guidelines and a commitment to ethical content creation, every user can contribute to the vibrant tapestry of artistic expression facilitated by Midjourney AI.

For any questions or clarifications regarding the rules and guidelines set forth by Midjourney AI, users are encouraged to reach out to the Midjourney team, ensuring a seamless and enriching experience for all.


As we navigate the realm of AI-powered creativity, Midjourney AI stands as a beacon of innovation. By delving into its rules, strategies, and guidelines, users can unlock the full potential of this artistic tool.

Upholding the principles of respect and creativity, we can collectively contribute to a community that thrives on positive expression and collaborative imagination. Through strategic engagement and adherence to Midjourney AI’s parameters, users can embark on a journey of limitless creative exploration.