VERSES AI Technologies: Distributed Intelligence

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At VERSES ai Technologies, we are pioneering a new era of cognitive computing and artificial intelligence (AI) with our groundbreaking innovation, KOSM™. As the world’s first network operating system for enabling distributed intelligence, KOSM™ is transforming the way data is connected and utilized, revolutionizing the world of computing as we know it.

The Disconnected Data Dilemma

One of the fundamental challenges in the realm of computing is the disconnection of data. It is estimated that a staggering 95% of all data on the internet remains inaccessible.

Furthermore, the data within individual software systems often lacks completeness, and data structures across different systems are often incompatible. The attempts made to integrate these systems typically result in costly, complex, and fragile bespoke solutions. At VERSES , we envision a world where all knowledge is interconnected, available, accessible, and trustworthy.

Building an Interoperable World

At VERSES, we are passionate about creating an interconnected ecosystem of data, where privacy, security, and safety are paramount. Our mission is to overcome the challenges of data fragmentation and incompatibility by leveraging KOSM™, our groundbreaking network operating system.

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Introducing KOSM™: A Shared World Model

KOSM™ generates a shared world model that contextualizes data, policies, simulations, and workflows. By creating this holistic model, KOSM™ enables seamless interoperability across diverse systems and applications. It serves as a unifying force, bringing together fragmented data and enabling a comprehensive understanding of the interconnected world.

The Smarter World Vision

Our vision at VERSES is to create a smarter world where humans and technology harmoniously collaborate to generate shared prosperity. By leveraging the power of KOSM™ and AI, we aim to elevate human potential and revolutionize the way we interact with intelligent tools and technologies.

Our Mission: Enhancing Mutual Understanding

At VERSES, our mission is to develop intelligent tools that drastically improve our mutual understanding. We believe that by leveraging the capabilities of KOSM™, we can bridge the gaps in knowledge, enabling individuals and organizations to make more informed decisions and drive meaningful progress.

Leadership: Guiding the Way

Under the guidance of our esteemed leadership team, VERSES is at the forefront of the cognitive computing revolution. Our leaders, including Gabriel Rene (Founder & CEO), Dan Mapes (Founder & President), Capm Petersen (Chief Innovation Officer), Steven Swanson (Chief Administration Officer), Michael Wadden (Chief Commercial Officer), Philippe Sayegh (Chief Adoption Officer), Kevin Wilson (Chief Financial Officer), and James Hendrickson (President & GM, VERSES Enterprise), bring a wealth of expertise and experience to drive our mission forward.

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Board of Directors: Navigating Success

VERSES is supported by a distinguished Board of Directors who provide strategic guidance and industry insight. Comprised of Jon De Vos, Gabriel Rene, Dan Mapes, Jay Samit, and Scott Paterson, our board ensures that we stay on the cutting edge of innovation and continue to deliver groundbreaking solutions.

Embracing Innovation: The Wayfinder Initiative

As part of our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technological advancement, VERSES has initiated the Wayfinder program. This initiative seeks to foster innovation and collaboration by engaging with visionary thinkers, partners, and developers who share our passion for a smarter world.

Contact Us: Join the Journey

If you are inspired by our vision and eager to be part of the cognitive computing revolution, we invite you to connect with us. Whether you’re interested in career opportunities, resources, or simply want to learn more about our groundbreaking work, our dedicated team at VER